Saturday, December 27, 2008

dont creep on me

Oh hai
Let me explain- I don’t know how I’m supposed to write this, cuz I’m pretty sure Nicole is gonna be the only one reading this, but I also just wanna remember funny stuff that happens to me because on a bad day I wanna look on my and remember how good of a life I have. So I will do this in a list type thing,
7 minutes in heaven- so my brother went and played games with this girl he kind of likes and my mom was all “so brian what games did you play with her?”
Brian- “me and tiffany played 7 minutes in heaven”
Mom- “oh that sounds fun! Whats that game?”
Brian- “well….. you go in a dark room or a closet and you get to do whatever you want with that person for 7 minutes.”
He was jk’in but the joke kinda stayed with the family all day, little comments of how amber and alan played 7 minutes in heaven, how me and ryan were gonna play later that night and all this stuff. Then the most horrifying comment made by my own mother.
“me and your father are gonna go in our room and play 7 minutes in heaven”
I have never really projectile vomited until this night.

Another great memory-
Me and my family were watchin a movie upstairs in the chill room and whenever the movie got over my daddy was all “I’m gonna go check somethin out on the balcony, I heard somethin funny out here” so he gets up and goes out on the balcony while the rest of the family is sittin inside. My mother started laughing really hard and was all “he just farted!” and so whenever he came back inside brian was all “dad did you go out there to fart?!” and my daddy answered so fast “NO!” but then we were all laughing and he was all “okay okay, maybe I did” it was just pretty funny cuz the old man thought he was being sooooo sneaky goin out there thinking he could flatulate in silence… WRONGO!

Christmas break has been amazing, I love Idaho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the best most beautiful place I’ll ever go. I’ve been given a lot this break and I have way too many blessings to count. I am so lucky that I’ve got a guy that shows me that I’m worth being loved and that I get to love him back :) and that I’ve got an amazing best kitteh friend! Kitteh treats?!

hello you thing!

i love megan

love, nicole