Monday, June 8, 2009


Yesterday was one of my first Sunday's attending my new ward here in Logan. I started my Sunday off great by breaking my fast before church even started. boo. I sat in the back of the chapel with my roommate julia and some kid i had never met before. When the 2nd counselor started off testimony meeting the kid started a freaking weird conversation with me...
Kid: I'll go bear my testimony if you bear yours.
Me: No i dont want to
Kid: Come on, are you scared?
Me: no i just dont want to
Kid: (loudly) You're scared! just come on
Me: no
at this point i was feelin pretty annoyed by him (and i'm sorry if he ever reads this. actually i'm not. GOOD RIDDANCE!) He was the first one to pop up and speed walk to the pulpit to bare his testimony and started off by saying, "So i was sitting next to that red head in the back (almost everyone turns around to stare at the red head in the back) and i was usin a little bit of peer pressure to try and lure her up here to bare her testimony but she said she was too scared. I guess you could say i was tryin to flirt to convert her... but she was too scared...." and then the kid continues with his testimony.
I was far from grateful for the clown makin a fool out of me and was way embarrased. It's not that i was too scared to bare my testimony i just didn't want to. It probably wasn't a huge deal but i didn't appreciate it and figured i'd do what i could to crawl out from under the bus that this kid just threw me under and throw him right back under it. I waited for a little bit then proudly walked to the pulpit and bore my testimony. it went a little somethin like this...

"hi my name is megan mitchell and i believe it was said that i was "peer pressured" to come up and bare my testimony today by the kid who was just up here... as i recall he said he tried to "flirt to convert" me but surprise buddy! I'm already converted"

if i was black i would have whipped out my strong hand and snapped it in a Z formation, but since i am far from that... i just bore a quick little testimony and walked back to my seat.

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