Monday, June 8, 2009

just in case you were wondering...

SO... my job at Pepperidge Farm is slowly becoming the death of me. So what if i haven't even worked there a month? Try wearing a hair net, ear plugs, used Dickies pants, and a size large t shirt every day and tell me how you feel... my self esteem doesn't exactly get boosted when i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.


last week i worked on the line that made goldfish. the first 25 minutes of seeing thousands of smiling orange crackers pass by was kind of cute and entertaining, but then after a while it was just plain annoying. my job requires me to stare down at the fish and make sure they look normal and then seperate them to put into packages. Around hour 7, i saw in my peripheral vision a giant orange thing coming closer to me. I looked up and saw a HUGE goldfish WALKING towards me! If it was anyone else, they would have known what it was, but to me i had this mini anxiety attack because for whatever messed up reason i almost made myself believe that a giant walking cracker was coming towards me. i pulled myself together and then felt like an idiot because it was just a office worker dressed up in a goldfish costume walking around making a video tour of the factory that will get send to elementary schools. my bad.

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